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Stuck in a rut? Want to change direction but not sure which way to go? Need to clarify what is most important to you? Want to do something differently? Live a more fulfilling life? I can help you find answers, unleash your unique gifts and help you achieve more than you may have thought possible.

Coaching with Cards

Barefoot Coaching Cards

Oracle, Guidance or Coaching Cards enable us to tap into intuition and gain even greater insights than traditional coaching methods achieve. It can help you:

  • Find the right path
  • Unlock your potential
  • Create the life you truly deserve
  • Find your Soul Purpose
  • Make the right decision at the right time
  • Solve relationship issues
  • Increase self esteem and assertiveness
  • Improve performance at work and in business
  • Heal past hurts
  • Rebuild your life

Coaching with Cards is tailored to suit your needs. I’m a qualified Coach with many years of experience both in Coaching and Card Readings. It’s enjoyable, useful and reassuringly down-to-earth.

“I’ve known Zoë for many years and her intuitive gift has grown significantly during this time. Her Card Readings are always insightful and accurate and I always look forward to the times we get together to explore the cards”

Liz McGillivray – PR Consultant 

One-off session (from 1 hour)

Ideal for general guidance or for solving less complicated issues ie which job should I take? Also good for identifying areas for change or personal development and getting bigger picture

Coaching Package (minimum 3 months)

Ideal for solving bigger issues in personal developmentongoing issues that need more work or for This package includes monthly hour session in person or via Skype, support materials specifically chosen just for you, 3 x 15 min support calls each month and 1 x 30 minute review and feedback call at the end of the month.

Coaching is available in person, over the phone or via Skype. CONTACT ME for more information, to discuss coaching with cards or to book a session.

Tarot with Zoe

Find out more aboutTarot and Oracle Card Readings here

Tarot with Zoe

Tarot with Zoe

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