Review - Reflect - Refocus Coaching with Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach

How’s 2019 been for you? Plain sailing or some choppy waters? Well, whatever the year’s been like, you really need some time in harbour before heading off into the next decade.

OK, enough with the maritime metaphors. Here’s the deal. Join me for a couple of hours to review the past 12 months, your challenges, opportunities and successes, reflect on what you’ve learnt from it all and refocus on what you want to achieve next year.


Coaching Circle - Goal Setting

What’s on offer?

1-1 session including Coaching, Mentoring and yes, Tarot Reading if you want, in complete confidence, to enable you to gain clarity on what’s been happening in your professional and/or personal life and get ready for an exceptional 2020.

Who with?

Dare to be Different with Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach

Zoë Dawes is a professional Life Coach who’s worked with hundreds of business people and private individuals, helping them fulfil their potential and find their purpose in life and work.

How much?

£150 for 2 hours face-to-face coaching. (Skype option available.)

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e: or t: 07810 082311

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