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Want to improve your Blogging Skills? Here are my top tips for getting the best results from your blog posts, whether you are blogging for business or pleasure.

Better Blogging Tips

  • Have an ANGLE. What will differentiate you from all the other bloggers there? These days there are so many writers competing for the busy reader’s time. What’s your angle? Eg , friendly astronomer, solo traveller, funny accountant, expert, humorist.
  • Find your own VOICE – one that is appropriate for you, your audience and what you are writing about. If you want others to read what you’re writing they need to hear your voice coming through.  You might imagine a good friend who wants to know about your latest exploits, gets bored easily and needs a bit of variety. Or maybe your ideal customer who’s called for a chat.
  • Use all your SENSES when you are out and about. Hone your observation skills – what can you see/hear/smell/sense? Keep a notebook & write down your observations
  • Make sure your blog site is easy to EASY TO NAVIGATE and update– use a site like Read other blogs and ask for feedback on yours.
  • Consider your LANGUAGE and the register you use; tone and vocabulary can vary depending on your audience. Are you going to be light-hearted, informative, challenging, auto-biographical …?
  • Understand HOW you write. Do you need to have peace & quiet? Do you prefer music or silence? Make sure your writing environment suits your needs. Better blogging is done in better conditions.
  • Use your own PHOTOS to give a visual image to support your writing. It gives a much more personal touch and can add hugely to your writing. You don’t need a fancy camera; most mobile phones have a reasonable lens but if you get into it, a decent digital SLR is very useful.
  • Use SOCIAL MEDIA eg Twitter, Face Book, Google+ & StumbleUpon to increase exposure and get better blogging results. Also use traditional media ie local press, radio, TV, magazines, newspapers.

The main thing I have learnt is that you have to ENJOY it – otherwise there are undoubtedly loads of other things you could be using your time to do!

To see some of these ideas in practice, have as look at some of my articles on on The Quirky Traveller blog. For better blogging also read:

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Better Blogging Tips - The Quirky Coach

Top Tips for Better Blogging
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