Having gratitude for a decade of fulfilling dreams, challenging life lessons and unconditional love. Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach

So how’s 2020 started for you? For many of us, the past decade has been a roller-coaster of uplifiting experieces, tough situations, moments of pure happiness and extreme sadness strewn through with mundanity, boredom and excitement. As we shift from one decade to another I’d like to share with you what I’m truly grateful for.  Please do share your thoughts, resolutions, gratitudes, intentions …  

I have gratitude for:

My son Alex, who’s grown from a fun-loving 12 year old to a spirited young man, graduating from university and now working on Construction Management in London.

My Mum, who died 17 years ago and whose wisdom, beauty and grace is with me every day. I thought I had lost her when she died but have learnt that she is all here all the time …

The rest of my family for ‘being there’, keeping me sane and sharing the good and bad times, even when we drive each other crazy 

Dear friends who share the journey, allow me to fail, be ‘out of order’ and forgive me every time … and for those friends who I have lost touch with but who are still in my heart

All the very special clients, colleagues and people I have worked with. Thank you for sharing your lives, loves, aspirations, hopes, problems and dreams – such a privilege.

Living and working in North West England being close to outstanding natural beauty and inspirational sights

Travelling around the world as an international travel blogger having unique experiences that go way beyond anything I could have imagined

Health scares and lifestyle changes that have made me apprecaite event more how important good health truly is

The luxury of being able to look forward to the coming decade from the warmth and safety (hopefully!) of my own home

The challenge of not getting work, huge financial stress and the lessons of resiliance and self-awareness that it taught me

My friends and family who have helped me out both financially and emotionally and shared their support unstintingly

Discovering that I am a clairsentient with a gift for intuitive card reading that, combined with my coaching skills, helps give guidance and brings positivity to the lives of other

For learning the difference between desiring what I don’t have, and being content with all that I am blessed with …

My INTENTION for the coming decade is to live as much as possible in the PRESENT, to appreciate all that is good around me, to share what I can with others and have gratitude whatever LIFE may have in mind in 2020 and beyond  …

I wish you all that you wish for yourself in the coming decade, with an extra dash of gratitude and quirky magic.

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